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Borg & Beck assists truck racing team in Pembrey success

First Line Ltd, and its globally renowned Borg & Beck brand, is continuing to support the Cole Trucksport truck racing team in the British Truck Racing Association (BTRA) Championship, by providing premium quality Borg & Beck Brake Pads and Discs and assisting them in their success.

The division two team, who are once again racing ‘The Beast’, an 11-litre, ex-Mercedes works team-built truck, had an impressive weekend over four races at the Pembrey Circuit in Carmarthenshire, South Wales from May 11-12. While the truck had technical difficulties with an electrical fault, resulting in power loss during the final race, overall the team had a fantastic weekend culminating in a fine second place in the penultimate race on the second day, much to the joy of the team.

One aspect of The Beast’s performance that was a sensation from the beginning, was its brakes, using just the Borg & Beck standard compound Pads and Discs, has proven to be an absolute revelation, delivering not only enormous stopping power, but also remarkable durability. With the technical faults now resolved, the team hope to continue their successes in the coming races.

“The Truck had a full engine and gearbox upgrade over the winter, we are still developing the new technical aspects to the truck, so each race is a learning curve for us. Having brakes we can rely on is a huge bonus, as we know they are not just safe enough for one race but have the durability for a whole weekend, that’s safety and top performance we can trust” explained Sam Morse, Media and Marketing Manager for Cole Trucksport.

Jon Roughley, Global Marketing Director for First Line Ltd, commented on the quality of the Braking, he said: “The fact that our Braking components last the entire weekend makes a remarkable difference to the entire racing experience, as it saves a lot of time, whilst continuing to give the same impressive performance.

“While I’m sure the team are disappointed with the recent electrical difficulties, we’re sure that they can keep improving this season and come out with more great results, just like they did at Pembrey.

“Not only do we enjoy supporting the team and keeping a close eye on their races, this is also a great opportunity for us to test our Borg & Beck Brake Pads and Discs and assess the amount of stress they are able to endure. By doing this, we can improve and continue to perfect our premium quality Braking components.”