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The ‘Twindicator’ from Interparts Automotive

The ‘Twindicator’ from Dutch based Interparts Automotive combines all the benefits of a standard indicator such as indicating and heat warning and can be re-torqued while fitted.

In addition, the Twindicator provides two indicators already pointing in the correct directions, making fitting in pairs an easy job.

The Twindicator links the two indicators with a bridge that can elongate during rotation – due to the loosening torque – up to a angle of 40-50 degrees, such that loosening is indicated.

Until a balance arises between the loosening torque and the force to ratchet within the indicator, the Twindicator functions as a ratchet, keeping it in a recognisable position and providing a counterforce for the loosening torque, meaning some clamping force is maintained.

Clamping force prevents the wheel from wobbling, which is recognised as the last stage before wheel detachment.

The range is currently limited to the PCD 335 in combination with nut size 32 and 33. Interparts says that more applications will be followed in the near future.

The Twindicator recently featured on the Interparts Automotive stand at the CV Show in Birmingham.

Interparts, who also have a logistic centre in Sheffield, develops, produces and represents several products, specific for the heavy duty vehilcles market. Based on experiences in the high demanding bus industry, in which safety, durability and cost price mileage, are the key words.

The Interparts Automotive range is distributed in Ireland through JOL Truck & Trailer, who can be contacted on at +353 45 875494.