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Replacement mirror and window parts from Elta

Light commercial vehicles (LCV) traditionally have a very tough life, not just in terms of their engine and gearbox, but with mirrors and windows, as the first can be easily broken and the second can often burnout.

Replacement Mirrors
In order to fulfil their function, wing mirrors need to protrude from the vehicle, so by their very nature, they are in the front line when it comes to damage, whether through collision with other road users or while manoeuvring during the course of their day’s work.

Sadly, many still assume that the franchised dealer is the first port of call for a replacement, but far from being ‘dealer parts’, replacement mirrors are very much an independent aftermarket product. As such, the VisionPro range from Elta Automotive offers a high quality and competitively priced programme that covers approximately 90 per cent of the UK vehicle parc and therefore meets the demands of both motor factor and workshop.

The VisionPro range includes complete units such as the popular Ford Transit 2000 onwards (part number EM6186/7), primed units, replacement glass, replacement covers and replacement mirror indicators. Each one is meticulously manufactured to look and perform just like the original part and E-marked specifically for the right hand drive UK/Irish market.

Latest Technology
In recent years, the humble wing mirror has become a complex component, often featuring integrated lighting, electrically driven units, heated mirror glass, integrated antennas, memory functions and GPS. However, whatever the feature, factors and workshops alike can rest assured, that if the original had it, the VisionPro replacement will have it too.

Replacement Window Regulators
Although the summer months should not put too much strain on the window regulator, LCVs tend to cover much higher than average mileages and typically, drivers open and close their windows much more frequently than those behind the wheel of a car.

In addition, window rubbers exposed to hot conditions and bright sunlight, start to become brittle, which, when the temperatures drops, exposes imperfections that can lead to water penetrating the seals into the door. This can lead to corrosion that damages the mechanism and, in sub-zero conditions, can cause the window to freeze.

Add to these issues a driver that ‘hangs’ on the power button, it’s little wonder that winter brings with it an increase in window regulator failure.

Again, replacement items must not be considered as simply dealer parts, but of equal importance is the correct fault diagnosis and replacement process.

Stripping down a modern interior door panel is by no means a quick job, so thankfully technicians can get a good idea of what might be going wrong by listening carefully for clues.

If they can hear the noise of the motor turning, but the window doesn’t operate correctly, more often than not the motor is fine and the mechanism has failed. A grinding or clanking sound is also a giveaway that the mechanism is broken, whereas no noise at all could mean the motor may be at fault. However, they should always check the fuse and the switch before arriving at this diagnosis.

The VisionPro window regulator range comes in three combinations: with both mechanism and motor, just the mechanism – as with the Citroen Dispatch 2007 onwards (ER4287/8) – or the motor only, thereby providing workshops with the most appropriate repair solution.