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LDV unveils second pure-electric vehicle to range

LDV is leading the charge in the electric vehicle sector with the launch of its second pure-electric van, the EV30.

The all-electric, light-duty van went on display at the CV Show in Birmingham on April 30 where it stirred up excitement from fleet buyers, business owners and van enthusiasts alike.

Manufactured by SAIC, China’s largest automotive company, the EV30 will be available to order from January 2020 and is the first vehicle in LDV’s range that will only come as a zero-emission, fully-electric vehicle.

Distributed by Harris Automotive Distributors UC, t/a as LDV U.K. & Ireland, who import and distribute in the UK and the rest of RHD Europe, marked the European launch of the EV30.

The EV30 will allow LDV to tap into the smaller commercial van market, a sector that is known for its stiff competition – especially in the context of diesel and petrol fueled vans.

The EV30 is a small, fully-electric commercial vehicle with zero emissions coupled with an industry-leading battery range, clocking up to 200 miles on a single charge (53kWh battery).

Every EV30 is fitted with a high-capacity lithium-iron battery manufactured by CATL, China’s largest battery manufacturer and offering two battery packs, a 35kWh battery which offers a range of 127 miles and a 53kWh battery with a range of 200 miles.

Rapid battery charging time is 45 minutes while also boasting a full AC charge in 5 hours, which can be done using off-peak, cheap rate electricity to maximise cost savings. The AC charging can be used on either a single phase or three phase charger.

SAIC Maxus, the company behind LDV, sees the EV30 as the answer for business owners looking for an economical van that is respectful of the environment and nippy enough for city commuting.

The standard EV30 boasts a carrying capacity of 5m³ due to its unique monocoque floor plan that offers the maximum payload in its category.

This latest LDV van is a versatile vehicle that comes in short wheelbase and long wheelbase form. The wheelbase of the larger version has been extended by 600mm for an overall length of 5.1m, while also boasting a carrying capacity of 6.3m³ and payload of 1000kg.

The EV30 also offers a silent, versatile driving experience with low running costs and, naturally, the satisfaction of motoring with zero tailpipe emissions in use.

Mark Barrett, General Manager of LDV U.K. & Ireland said: “Following today’s EV30 reveal, it’s safe to say that LDV has demonstrated just how accessible commercial EV vehicles are for businessowners. With a driving range of 127 miles /35kWh battery and over 200 miles/53kWh battery on a single charge, it’s easier than ever to embrace the power of electric driving.”

The EV30 on show at CV 2019 was a short wheel base (Chinese) domestic model with 5.1m3 cargo space and differs slightly from the European spec. The UK Version will have dual passenger seat option, larger 85kW motor and rear barn doors, to mention just a few variances.

“There are so many reasons to choose a commercial EV. Not only does it eliminate fuel costs, but it also helps business owners remove congestion charges from the balance sheet and help future-proof their businesses.

“With SAIC using only the latest technology in the new-to-market EV30, we can ensure the highest technical specs and a vehicle that will help businesses fly the flag for greener motoring.”