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New coil spring compressor designed for HGV

Laser Tools has launched a new coil spring compressor from Laser Tools is specifically designed for HGV and truck cabin suspension spring/shock absorber units.

HGV and truck drivers spend most of their time in their truck cabins. Vibrations induced by road and cargo are transmitted to the cabin and consequently to the driver. To make the truck driver’s ride as comfortable as possible, most modern heavy goods vehicles and truck cabins are equipped with cabin suspension systems — the heart of these suspension systems is the coil spring/shock absorber units. These are a service item and will wear over time. When either the coil spring or shock absorber needs to be replaced, a suitable spring compressor is required that suits the size and strength specifications of an HGV cabin coil spring.

The new Truck Cabin Shock Absorber Spring Compressor from Laser Tools (part number 7461) has been introduced specifically to safely compress and hold the coil spring prior to removal of the shock absorber. Vehicle applications include the Volvo FM, FH 500P and 540P ranges. For Volvo applications the spring compressor is used with another Laser Tools product, the Cab Shock Absorber Tool (part number 6792) which is also available. This holds the piston rod still while releasing the screw securing cap.

Professional tools for professional technicians and available now from your local Laser Tools supplier. The 7461 Spring Compressor is typically priced at £490.73 and the 6792 Cab Shock Absorber tool is priced at £54.55 (prices include VAT), but remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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