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Davanti Terratoura offers premium performance at a reasonable price

Davanti’s debut all-terrain tyre, the Terratoura, has taken experts by storm as it has consistently outperformed premium rivals in tests in the UK and abroad since its launch.

The pickup market is booming with farmers switching from traditional 4x4s to these comfortable yet capable workhorses and requires a tyre that is up for the task.

Available in sizes from 15-17 inches, the Terratoura has entered the market at a more reasonable price-point, meaning one of the best tyres now on the market is also one of the most affordable.

During its development it was tested on paddocks, extreme rocky terrain, jungle tracks, desert and snow in the UK at Millbrook, the Arctic Circle’s Testworld and at IDIADA in Spain.

In both mechanical and subjective test assessments by independent experts at tyre testing organisation TREAD, the Terratoura matched or exceeded the performance of existing premium tyres.

It delivers remarkable progressive grip and on flat, inclined and extremely uneven terrain, wet, dry or frozen and, as an added bonus, it has three peak mountain snowflake – legally classifying it as an all-season tyre – and adheres to the latest EU tyre noise legislation.

And when the journey smooths out, the Terratoura has also been designed to deliver a comfortable ride, predictable handling and responsive braking performance on the road, ensuring a seamless transition from off-road to on-road driving.

Davanti Product Director, Gary Cross said: “If your business works to tight margins you have a decision to make – pay a premium price for an established name, or pay a more reasonable price for a tyre that performs as well or better.

“We don’t shy away from highlighting Terratoura’s real-world abilities in tough working applications because we believe your pickup is a critical tool for your business. Top performance should not be a luxury.”

The Terratoura is on sale now through Magowans and Premier Tyres across Ireland. For more details visit