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Starmaxx TBT tyres has well-earned reputation

Through customer-oriented product development Starmaxx has developed a well-earned reputation for creating tyres that users can rely on.

As a part of a systematic expansion of its product portfolio, Starmaxx has invested in manufacturing Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tyres since 2010 and from that date the company has kept adding new pattern designs and new sizes to its comprehensive range of Starmaxx TBR tyres.

The Starmaxx TBR range provides tyres for a wide spectrum of operations. The company utilizes more than four decades of experience and know-how to have a clear picture of the challenges that fleets and are facing.

Starmaxx offers specialty tyres for specific purposes and conditions, welding these insights with the latest production technologies.

The brand’s long haul TBR tyre family offers extended mileage with trouble-free and economic kilometers.

The low rolling resistance ratings of the tyres translate to maximum fuel efficiency. These tyres not only save money, but also protect the environment.

While the SH100, SH105 and SH110 patterns provide precise handling for steer axles, the RH100 and RH100 Plus patterns are designed for drive axles to transfer the whole vehicle power to the road safely and effectively.

Drive axle patterns offer perfect acceleration and braking grip where keeping traction and grip matters the most.

The NH100 and NZ300 offer stability to trailers carrying heavy loads.With the help of the special compound mixture, they avoid uneven wear which in turn, helps the tyres keep their excellent features and quality during their whole service life.

When used on trucks and buses the SZ300, RZ300 and NZ305 patterns are capable of confronting the challenges of changing climate and road conditions in regional operations by providing a perfect balance of mileage, durability and comfort.

The majority of these tyres have the M+S marking on their sidewalls, indicating suitability for year round usage, which guarantees peace of mind for drivers in all road and weather conditions.

In addition to highway and regional transport, Starmaxx also develops combined solutions that withstand the almost conflicting challenges of on and off road use.

These mixed service tyres – namely the SC700, RC700 and NCW710 let the trucks keep going further even when the road is over by offering features fitting in two completely different worlds in a single tyre.

Starmaxx’s mixed service family ensures excellent mileage, comfort and low rolling resistance for road use while simultaneously providing extraordinary resistance against cuts and chips along with excellent self-cleaning features to improve grip on site conditions.

In addition to these tyres which are designed for 20 per cent off-the road and 80 per cent on-road use, there is also another pattern, thew RM905, which is specifically developed for 80 per cent off-road operations.

The Urban series, designed particularly for urban bus fleets completes Starmaxx’s TBR range.

With the SU500, SUW500 and RUW500 patterns, arriving at your destination, on time is guaranteed in any weather condition. These tyres

offer the ultimate in durability against recurring contacts with kerbs.

Traction is never lost when frequent brakes and acceleration are required. The special tread design and compound mixture enhance the tyres’ durability while the bus moves among different road surfaces from asphalt to cobblestone.

The Starmaxx TBR range offers ultimate cost effectiveness for fleet operations through reduced rolling resistance, but the tyre does not stop contributing to the profit of the fleet even when its service life is over.

The robust carcass structure makes Starmaxx TBR tyres suitable for retreading multiple times. Customers can keep using these tyres for a second or third round with the same casing, which in turn, reduces the cost per kilometer even further.