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New universal carriage for Maha mobile column lifts

The universal carriage on Maha’s Columnlift series, which was introduced to the public at Automechanika Frankfurt for the first time in September, has met with an overwhelmingly positive response from trade visitors.

The universal carriage, which will in future be incorporated into the standard range, has an unique flexibility in the market environment and is suitable for the support of vehicles with a tyre diameter between 550 mm and 1,500 mm up to a load of 7.5 tonne per column, including everything from cars and trucks to special vehicles such as light wheeled tanks.

It is not only the 30 per cent greater support range compared with market competitors, which usually only offer 1,140 mm by default, that documents the quality of this product.

The smoothness of the electromechanical spindle drive, combined with high efficiency, ease of movement and extremely low-maintenance ball screw, round off the benefits to the customer.

As a sign of their confidence, Maha is issuing a 5-year warranty on the entire spindle drive. In contrast to many products by market competitors using an electrohydraulic drive, the electromechanical spindle drive offers the benefit and the security that users will never have to worry about issues such as hydraulic oil leakage or having to make a constant check or test, which also requires regular hydraulic oil changes.

Unlike the electrohydraulic versions, the electromechanical drive installed by Maha does not contain pistons or cylinders extending upwards from the column, which may cause damage to the vehicle.

This applies especially to the universal applicability of mobile column lifts for vehicles all the way from passenger cars to heavy duty vehicles of various designs, and supports non-stationary product use and the flexible application of our products.

The slender column design enables extremely comfortable manoeuvring and positioning, even in confined spaces, and the overhead drive unit creates even more space in the work area. The worm geared motor of the spindle drive works without any lag.

Together with the catch wedge as a safety feature, this combination guarantees an exact height positioning of the vehicle and thereby an optimal adaptation of the workplace to a variety of requirements.

Our mobile COLUMNLIFT series has been designed in a totally shop-floor robust manner, is nearly entirely free from wear, while the splash-proof control unit means that it is also equipped for almost all applications and locations. This is independent of whether you prefer the wireless version with battery supply or the use of a wired system.

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