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Michelin X Works tyres help construction company save

North Yorkshire and Teesside construction company, Biker Group is saving up to £80,000 a year on fuel costs and tyre-related downtime after taking on a 100 per cent Michelin policy.

Rolling resistance data provided by the manufacturer – and verified by the firm – shows the efficiencies given by the Michelin X Works tyres have helped cut its annual CO2 emissions by 209 tonnes thanks to the improved fuel efficiency compared to competitor tyres.

The company had been using a combination of Michelin and competitor fitments until two years ago, when it signed its entire fleet up to the manufacturer’s multi-life policy – using a mix of 295/80 R22.5 and 315/80 R22.5 new and Michelin Remix tyres across its rigids and tractor units, and 385/65 R 22.5 on trailers.

Managing Director Tony Biker says: “On some days our vehicles may only do up to four miles, but in some pretty atrocious quarry conditions where they can take a real hammering. We also need them to be flexible enough to cater for primarily road-based deliveries at other times.

“Since moving to a 100 per cent Michelin policy we have seen a noticeable reduction in downtime due to tyre damage; plus we’re benefitting from improved fuel efficiency, which in turn cuts emissions too. Quite simply they are the best product on the market.”

Biker Group takes advantage of the manufacturer’s accidental tyre damage guarantee which promises to refund customers in the event that accidental damage is suffered before a new or Remix tyre is 50 per cent worn, subject to terms and conditions.

And with the Remix policy it also gets multiple lives from each new casing – new, regroove, Remix and regroove – with the potential for a worn Remix tyre to be retreaded again through Michelin’s Encore remoulding process.
Biker adds: “The tyre damage guarantee is invaluable to us. We have only had to change a few but Michelin has honoured the agreement each time. Plus, the strength of the Michelin casings gives us a high acceptance rate for retreading, which in turn means we get great value for money.”

The Michelin X Works range is designed for operators which do most of their mileage on roads but need traction and robustness on rough tracks and construction sites for deliveries – ideal for Biker Group.

Michelin X Works drive tyres also feature specially designed Z-sipes that increase the traction on road in winter conditions, especially on snow and ice, allowing them to attain 3PMSF certification.