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Yuasa offers online battery look-up tool

The harsh winter months increases the demand for battery replacements within workshops. Luckily, battery specialists Yuasa offers an online battery look-up tool,

Yuasa says it is vital to not only ensure the correct specification battery for each model is chosen, but also that driver habits are taken into account.

Used by over 80,000 mechanics and technicians, is one of Europe’s most powerful battery lookup systems. It is driven by an extensive European database and allows users to find the right battery and detailed fitting information quickly.

Simply enter the vehicle’s registration or VIN number, or perform a make/model lookup, and the system will display a host of vital information including:

  • The correct battery options and all technical data including capacity, cold cranking amps and dimensions
  • Detailed fitting instructions, battery location plus any warnings to tell you if a specific battery type is required such as EFB or AGM
  • Estimated fitting time to price the work to the customer accordingly
  • Standard fit, upgrade, and upgrade plus options for the vehicle where available

Fitting the correct specification battery

For vehicles with advanced emissions reduction technology such as Start-Stop, it is essential the battery is replaced with one of the correct specification. If a vehicle is fitted with an original equipment (OE) AGM Start-Stop battery, then the replacement must also be an AGM Start-Stop. The same applies for EFB.

Conventional battery types are therefore not suitable for these applications and will result in vehicle faults, including loss of the Start-Stop system. Furthermore, most modern vehicles come fitted with a Battery Management System (BMS), which is an on-board computer. This must be reset through the onboard diagnostics port (OBD) to tell the vehicle when the battery has been replaced. Failure to fit the correct battery or reset the BMS can cause serious issues such as battery failure, system faults or complete loss of Start-Stop functionality.

Yuasa sell a Yu-Fit Battery Configurator tool – a convenient and easy way to perform reprogramming of the BMS unit. The Yu-Fit offers excellent value for money and is one of the most user-friendly configurator tools on the market.

The right battery for the customer

Unlike with Start-Stop technology, for standard ignition vehicles there may be standard fit, upgrade and upgrade plus options available. Battery selection should not be based on specification alone. It is important to determine the correct battery replacement required based on driving style and vehicle usage.

Carefully question the customer about their journey length and frequency as well as their annual mileage. Short, infrequent journeys (anything under 20 minutes) doesn’t give the battery time to fully charge. This results in the battery becoming deeply discharged and permanently damaged.

In these cases, the best way to optimise performance and prolong service life is to install a higher specification battery. This will offset the potential damage caused by these driving habits, reducing the likelihood of premature failure and roadside breakdown.

The Yuasa range

All Yuasa YBX batteries are of original equipment quality, reliability and performance.

Conventional automotive (cars & light vans with standard ignition):

YBX5000 series – Up to 50,000 engine starts, designed for vehicles with high power demands

YBX3000 series – Up to 30,000 engine starts, for vehicles with standard power demands

YBX1000 series – Up to 20,000 engine starts, for vehicles with basic power demands

Start-Stop, micro hybrid & electric vehicles:

YBX9000 AGM series – Up to 360,000 engine starts, for vehicles with advanced technology such as Start-Stop with regenerative braking and energy recovery

YBX7000 EFB series – Up to 270,000 engine starts, for vehicles with advanced technology such as Start-Stop