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Techplus adds ATEQ TPMS to product range

Tyreshop equipment and equipments specialists, Techplus  has added the ATEQ suite of TPMS products to its ever-growing product portfolio.

Techplus has added the ATEQ VT Truck Activation Tool for European trucks and buses at a time when the European Union is set to introduce a raft of legislation that will require various safety features to be included on a range of vehicles including trucks. buses, LCVs, SUVs and passenger cars with the aim of saving lives on Europe’s roads.

Under proposed regulations, vans and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) will no longer be exempt from various safety features, which until now have only been required for ordinary passenger cars. These features include tyre pressure monitoring, intelligent speed assistance, alcohol interlock, driver drowsiness monitoring and emergency stop signals.

More advanced safety measures will be required for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. These include event data recorders, which store data such as the car’s speed or the state of activation of the car’s safety systems before, during and after a collision, and enlarged head impact protection zones capable of mitigating injuries in collisions with vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

The ATEQ VT Truck offers functionalities specifically designed for maintenance of European trucks and buses.

With its sturdy and compact design, the tool can easily read sensors, even in twin wheels, and has the ability to manage up to 22 wheels. The tool is compatible with most truck and bus TPMS sensors and can be frequently updated with new heavy transport vehicules as soon as they are introduced.