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FORS develops new online toolkits and guidance for members

FORS has developed new online toolkits and guidance to help members meet the requirements set out in the new FORS Standard, which came into effect earlier this month.

The updated FORS Standard (version 5) went live on January 14, 2019, bringing with it new attainment criteria to help members with ever more diverse vehicle fleets attain higher operating standards.

This fifth iteration of the document sees the inclusion of powered two-wheeler (P2W) fleets, with updated provision made for passenger carrying vehicles (PCVs). It also sets new parameters to help members improve environmental operating practices, and includes a new requirement to help fleets guard against the threat from terrorism.

New online guidance is tailored to the unique needs of both the P2W and bus and coach sectors, and for operations which include these vehicles as part of a mixed fleet. The advice includes background on FORS, along with the specific FORS requirements and professional development relevant to each sector.

A free FORS Counter Terrorism toolkit has also been created to help members meet new Bronze requirement ‘O7 Counter terrorism’. The toolkit provides members with advice on writing an effective counter terrorism policy and highlights which procedures they must have in place to support the policy.

Finally, for those members seeking to attain FORS Gold, a free FORS Workplace Travel Plan toolkit is now available to help members meet Gold requirement ‘G8 Staff travel’, which seeks to encourage sustainable staff travel behaviour and minimise the negative impact on the environment of staff travel to and from the workplace, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Graham Holder, FORS Head of Quality Assurance & Compliance said: “The FORS Standard is updated every two years in order to maintain relevance in a fast-moving industry.

“Along with our dedicated helpline, the free toolkits and guidance are designed to assist FORS members as they progress through accreditation, and work towards even higher standards of operation and best practice.”

Bus and coach guidance:

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Counter Terrorism toolkit:

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