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Yokohama winter van tyres fitted to fleet

X One Wholesale, a European logistics business, has fitted its fleet of delivery vehicles with Yokohama’s W*Drive WY01 winter tyres.

Available in sizes from 14” to 16”, the tyres are ideally suited to businesses running vans and other light commercial vehicles as they can operate in the most treacherous of winter conditions.

Featuring the 3 peak snowflake mark, the tyres have an optimised combination of directional tread design and compound materials which deliver an excellent performance in the wet and on snowy or icy roads. Furthermore, the tyres offer excellent durability and also feature Yokohama’s BluEarth environmental technologies.

“We’re delighted that our winter van tyre has been selected by X One Wholesale,” comments Tony Valentine, fleet and national account manager, Yokohama HPT Ltd. “After the challenging conditions that swept across Europe last winter and left many fleets stranded and unable to operate, our dedicated winter van tyre is proving to be a popular option for a growing number of fleets who are looking to avoid a repeat of any vehicle downtime.”