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CameraMatics ideal partner for new FORS Standard

Following the announcement of the new FORS Standard version 5, ProVision is reminding commercial fleet operators of the significant benefits of CameraMatics and its new ProVision Go mobile app in managing risk, maintaining compliance and, most importantly, improving road safety.

The updated FORS Standard, which comes into effect on January 14, 2019, strongly recommends that fleet operators make use of vehicle equipment and technology. The scheme now also recognises online and cloud-based systems as equal alternatives for storing documents such as completed safety checks.

FORS Bronze requirements

Even to achieve bronze accreditation, the lowest level in the progressive FORS scheme, fleet operators must have access to every bit of information on their fleet. This includes registration details, location of vehicles, and the total number of vehicles and trailers. ProVision Go allows fleet managers to easily and safely store this information in one central place. It can then be retrieved at any time and anywhere.

In addition, operators must show that they implement walkaround checks at least once daily per vehicle, as well as have a procedure to ensure roadworthiness and serviceability. This extends to a policy and procedure for maintaining and monitoring tyre roadworthiness, covering tyre selection, pressure and tread depth. With ProVision Go’s Checklist Manager, fleet managers can create personalised checklists to make these checks as easy and efficient as possible. Drivers can then complete the checks on their phones, while fleet managers can review and approve any repairs.

At a base level, the new bronze level standard allows fleet operators to make use of strategically placed cameras in place of mirrors to protect vulnerable road users (VRUs).

FORS Silver requirements

In order to achieve FORS silver accreditation, companies must show evidence of managing road risk. With risk management at the heart of ProVision’s entire product range, these new requirements perfectly align with CameraMatics. Fleet managers can rest assured that the solution will greatly simplify the lives of both fleet managers and drivers alike.

The new requirements and recommendations for silver accreditation also place a stronger focus on vehicle safety equipment. This includes systems with multiple cameras and a monitor to show blindspot areas. It extends this further with a recommendation for recording equipment (DVRs) for larger vehicles – all of which are offered by ProVision’s CameraMatics solution.

“Since vehicle cameras started to become popular many operators looked at them purely as ‘crash cams’. However, we have promoted the safety and compliance benefits of cameras and DVRs from the very beginning and our solution has been proven time and time again to be highly effective in these areas. We are therefore delighted to see the technology receive the recognition and acceptance it deserves under the new FORS Standard,” said Mervyn O’Callaghan, Managing Director at ProVision CameraMatics. “The new ProVision Go app is the latest addition to our package and, with the launch of the new Standard only a few days away, it could not have come at a better time.”

ProVision is now ready to assist any fleet operators with their safety and compliance technology needs, or who have questions about the configurations required for each vehicle type at Bronze and Silver levels.