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Volvo Trucks upgrades Euro 6 engines

Volvo Trucks is to upgrade its popular D11 and D13 diesel engines – found in the FH, FM and FMX vehicles – in advance of the introduction of the Euro 6 Step D regulation.

Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks, said the revised engines will also reduce the trucks’ fuel consumption.

“A combination of small improvements enables significant cost savings for our customers without compromising performance or productivity,” he stated.

The upgraded D13 engine also uses a new VDS-5 low viscous oil type and new piston oil scraper rings to reduce fuel consumption and internal friction. Additionally, the 494bhp engine saves extra fuel by having the same higher compression ratio as the 454 and 415bhp versions.

“These updates will support our customers in staying on top of the new emission regulation while improving fuel efficiency for our Volvo FH, FM and FMX trucks,” added Nilsson.

The upgraded engines are available to order from the end of December.