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New zinc chromate-free wash primer from Spies Hecker

Commercial vehicles are under extreme stress every day, so the primer is particularly important not only to prime the surface but to carry out corrosion protection. The new Spies Hecker wash primer Permafleet Special Primer 4140 does this without the addition of zinc chromate.

“We give our bodyshops products that impress with ease of use, application reliability and effectiveness in everyday workshop work,” says Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland. “And protecting the health of refinishers and compliance with EU directives must also play a key role in product development. The new Permafleet Special Primer 4140 is a good example of this.”

Permafleet Special Primer 4140 is ideal for use on aluminium and stainless steel and can be used in conjunction with Permafleet Activator 3689 or Permafleet Activator 3691 slow. It is formulated especially for large surfaces of commercial vehicles and buses. It can be easily applied, dries quickly and provides reliable corrosion protection.

Simple application with corrosion protection – and chromate-free
“We completely eliminated zinc chromate in this new wash primer, which is important in terms of compliance with the forthcoming European Chemicals Regulation. Zinc chromate is an ingredient that is normally used to provide robustness and adhesion, but in our new Permafleet Special Primer 4140, we’ve replaced it with other anti-corrosive pigments,” explains Welling.

The new zinc chromate-free Permafleet Special Primer 4140 is available now and replaces Permafleet 1: 1 Corrosion Protection Primer 4130 and Permafleet 2:1 Special Wash Primer 4120.