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FORS launches new fuel management and winter driving guides

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) has unveiled two new guides offering advice on both fuel management and winter driving. The new ‘FORS Fuel Management guide’ and ‘FORS Winter guide for HGV drivers’ are both now available to download and share with drivers, as handy in-cab reminders of both how to effectively manage fuel use and tips on seasonal driving.

FORS Winter guide for HGV drivers
FORS has issued its new ‘Winter guide for HGV drivers’ as a printable download. The document serves as a reminder of the safety precautions drivers should take to ensure they are prepared for inclement weather, drawing attention to the additional challenges winter driving brings.

The handy guide includes tips to help drivers mitigate against adverse changeable weather, with forward planning being the first step. Drivers are encouraged to not only fully plan their route, but to seek up-to-date travel information and complete additional safety checks prior to any journey.

As well as vehicle preparation, the FORS Winter guide includes tips on how to drive in snow and ice, heavy rain, strong winds, flooded areas, and fog and offers advice on which equipment to carry and a reminder to carry suitable clothing.

FORS Fuel management guide
Encouraging operators to remember the, ‘measure it, manage it, save it’ mantra of fuel efficiency, the newly launched FORS Fuel management guide seeks to help FORS members fulfil their commitment to monitoring fuel consumption and vehicle emissions and understand the policy and procedures they must put in place to achieve this.

The guide is designed to help operators meet the FORS Standard version 5 Bronze requirement ‘O2 Fuel, emissions and air quality’ and features handy tips to help improve fuel efficiency, talking operators through the importance of fuel management, and how to avoid unnecessary fuel costs; including fuel purchasing, telematics, using AdBlue and correct storage of fuel at a depot. The importance of driver training and driver feedback is emphasised, along with correct tyre management.

Sonia Hayward, FORS operations manager said: “FORS aims to ensure members have the best possible guidance at their fingertips to help each operator fulfil their commitments to safety, the environment and efficient operations.”

Hayward added: “Measuring and understanding fuel use is key to getting to grips with how costs could be minimised. Members must appoint a Fuel Champion to help implement their fuel management plan, and in addition, we encourage them to share this guide with drivers, who play a vital role in any fuel reduction initiative.”

Download your copy of the FORS Winter guide for HGV drivers here.
To download the FORS Fuel Management guide click here.