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New inverter range from Ring

The new inverter range from Ring has been developed to address the specific issues raised by vehicle converters and fleet managers, who need highly efficient, compact power sources in their vehicles when they are being used to work remotely.

The new inverters, available in both Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave, are more efficient than previous models and now include a power saving mode to ensure battery power lasts for as long as possible. The new models have up to 40 per cent smaller footprints than previous models, helping save valuable space in commercial vehicles.

Several of the new models now include a multi-function LCD display, which is also an optional fit across the rest of the range. This can also be remotely mounted, making it easy for users to check power output. The inverters will display a warning once the battery is running low – essential to help monitor power usage and ensure the batteries do not become fully depleted.

The inverters also have a series of simple error codes – displayed on the LCD – that make it quicker and simpler to diagnose power issues, such as low battery voltage shutdown and high voltage shutdown. The inverters also feature overload and over temperature control, protecting both the vehicle and users.

Paul Shaw, New Product Development Manager at Ring comments: “Professional vehicles have more need for a reliable electrical supply than ever before, so we’ve created the new range of Ring inverters to meet the challenges faced by converters and fleet owners. We’ve made them more compact, more efficient and with an updated LCD display to make it easier to monitor the information essential for power management.”

To enhance the power management options, a Current Sensor Module has also been launched. This monitors the current being taken from the battery and gives an accurate reading for how long power usage can be maintained. This can prevent power running out with no warning.

The new inverters feature extruded metal casings, making them robust enough to withstand tough working environments, as well as heavy duty input cables and clamps. The new range includes models with a range of power outputs, from 600W and up to 4000W, available in Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave.