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Kumho winter tyre range for van and SUV

All members of Kumho’s cold weather tyre range feature both M+S (Mud & Snow) and the desirable 3pMSF (3 Peaks Mountain Snow Flake) sidewall markings. The treads of all the company’s cold weather products contain additional silica in order to keep them supple in lower temperatures, and additional ‘sipes’ (small lateral grooves) to help best maintain contact with the road in wet, icy and snowy conditions.

Whatever tyres are fitted, when driving in wintery conditions it is doubly important for their tread to be of ample depth, and for them to be inflated to the recommended pressures. They also need to be in good overall condition and free of such potentially dangerous damage as bulges, cracked sidewalls, abnormally worn shoulders etc.

As its name implies, ‘all-season’ tyres are a compromise and designed to safely cope with conditions all the year round. ‘Winter’ ones on the other hand are intended solely for the colder seasons, so need to be paired with an equivalent set of summer covers – some dealers even offer a ‘hotel’ facility whereby winter rubber can be stored in summer and vice versa.

Kumho has the perfect range of products to help motorists in this matter, whatever they drive.

Winter – Van
PorTran CW51 is yet another relatively new Kumho pattern that provides light commercial vehicles with the best in traction and handling in snowy and/or icy conditions. It comes in a choice of 18 sizes.

Kumho CW51

Winter – SUV
WinterCraft WS71 – this hi-tech newcomer is aimed directly at the burgeoning SUV market. Initially available in a choice of 24 sizes and H and V speed ratings, it even boasts innovative hourglass-shaped wear indicators for quicker, easier tread depth assessment. The I’Zen RV KC15 is the ideal choice for such perennially popular 4x4s as the Range Rover and BMW X5.

Kumho KC15