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Hybrid and Flat Wiper blade kits for CV use from Japanparts

Japanparts Group’s Hybird and Flat Wiper blade kits cover the light trucks and commercial vehicle markets.

Included in both kits are eight adpators. These adapters can be used for both tradtional wiper arms and new generation ones.

Both Hybird and Flat windscreen wipers are available from 35mm to 70mm in length and are suitable for both sides of the windscreen, as well as the rear. Thanks to its external high-strength plastic material, the wipers can operate in the coldest temperatures.

The exclusive rubber wiper blade comes treated with liquid graphite which ensures reduced friction with a silent and smooth wiping action across the windscreen.

The hybrid wiper blades, suitable for wide variations in the coupling angle, maximise anti-lifting properties at high speeds. They are also extremely quiet and have a multi-blade system which ensures consistent pressure over the entire arch of the wiper blade.

The aerodynamic design of the flat wiper blades improves performance at all speeds and in all rain conditions.