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Exol gets approved to Mercedes-Benz specification

Exol’s Optima C2 C3 LSGM 5W-30 engine oil has been approved to Mercedes-Benz specification 229.52. 

As a new generation fully synthetic multigrade engine oil formulated from premium synthetic base stocks, Optima C2 C3 LSGM 5W-30 contains the very latest detergent-dispersant additive package and shear stable polymers.

The reduced levels of SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur) in Optima LSGM 5W-30 ensures compatibility with after treatment systems, such as particulate filters and catalytic converters, and its frictional characteristics promote a reduction in fuel consumption.

Fully approved by General Motors, Optima C2 C3 LSGM 5W-30 is also recommended for use in a wide variety of passenger cars and vans fitted with petrol and diesel engines, including Citroen, Honda, Land Rover, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota and Vauxhall.

The oil is available now in a wide selection of quantities.