Uniroyal expands trailer tyre line TH 40

Uniroyal is expanding its trailer tyre line TH 40 with new 17.5” tyres for low platform trailers in the sizes 215/75, 235/75 and 245/70. The high quality tyres for combined regional and long-haul transport offer high durability, impressive mileage, and optimal traction even on wet roads.

Uniroyal TH40 Low platform trailer tyres

Car components, wind turbine parts, bridge sections, construction site equipment – loads like these are usually hauled with low-platform trailers. Moving a lot of weight, tyres for this application must be highly durable.

Backed by Uniroyal’s new 17.5” TH 40 low-platform trailer tyres, transport professionals can face heavy-load transport with confidence. Specifically designed for carrying high loads, the TH 40 low-platform trailer tyres reliably deliver high performance in terms of durability, robustness and mileage.

The TH 40 low-platform trailer tyres’ high wear volume helps ensure high-mileage performance, whilst the bead of the casing was reinforced to ensure increased durability and very good retreadability. A special rubber compound makes them exceptionally resistant to cutting damage and a newly developed profile design offers outstanding safety on wet roads, a characteristic that is in keeping with the tradition of the Uniroyal brand.

For their wet-grip performance, Uniroyal’s TH 40 in the 17.5” sizes have been assigned EU label “B” (235/75 and 245/70) and “C” (215/75) and also bear the letters “M+S”. Uniroyal says that the tyres can easily withstand changing loads thanks to its optimised cord density and their special inner liner prevents gradual loss of pressure