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HGV Brake Caliper Wrench set from Laser Tools

In the HGV world you need tough tools for tough jobs and this Brake Caliper Wrench set from Laser Tools (part number 7160) is designed specifically for releasing and refitting brake caliper mounting bolts on a number of HGV applications.

These caliper mounting bolts are tightened to very high torque figures (an E18 Torx bolt for example can be typically tightened to 480 Nm), so these are slogging wrenches, designed with a 3/4″ drive and two impact striking faces, to get the bolts loose.

When refitting and tightening, each wrench usefully includes a laser-etched formula to assist in working out the correct tightening torque figures to take into account the additional length of the wrench.

Three Torx and two 12-point spline wrenches make up the set. Torx: the E18 and E20 wrenches fit MAN TGL/TGM models, with E24 fitting the MAN TGA/TGS/TGX range. The M24 12-point spline wrench fits SAF models and the M26 wrench fits DAF XF/XF95/XF105/XF106 models.


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