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What is the oldest DAF truck still in operation?

DAF Trucks is looking for the oldest truck still in transport operation. The search focuses on typical DAF vehicles from past decades that continue to run day-to-day.

Operators and drivers are being invited to share their truck on DAF Trucks N.V.’s Facebook page.
DAF Trucks is 90 years in business this year. The company initially focused on the construction of lightweight semi-trailers and commenced truck production in 1949. Ever since, DAF vehicles has earned a reputation for its class leading fuel efficiency and driver comfort, as well as for its reliability and durability.

(Irishman John Tarrent in front of his DAF 2100 which he purchased back in 1984 and which is still in operation)

Regularly, DAF receives images from operators and drivers around the world, proudly showing trucks that left the production line many decades ago, and are still in daily use. This has triggered DAF Trucks’ interest – what is the oldest DAF truck still in operation, and where is it?

DAF Trucks has launched a Facebook campaign to find the answer to this question. Irishman John Tarrent has already shared his classic DAF 2100 from 1984, still working hard today.

“She has 34 years of work done, never let us down and she always comes back to base, whether it’s night or day.” Tarrent said.

DAF is looking for images and stories from its trucks from the early nineties, the eighties, the seventies or even earlier that are still in operation.

Photos or video can be posted on the DAF Facebook page:

At the end of November the oldest in-service DAF truck will be announced.