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New 3M compound gives ultimate finish using less

3M has launched its longest lasting and fastest cutting liquid abrasive for bodyshops yet – the Perfect-It Fast Cut Plus Extreme compound by 3M.

The product – now available throughout the UK and Ireland – requires up to 30 per cent less compound than other 3M offerings and reduces scratch removal time by up to a quarter.

It has been designed to give bodyshops the ultimate high-gloss finish when used with the science-based technology company’s range of green foam pads as the first step in a three-stage finishing process.

The compound, which comes in 1kg and 0.5kg bottles, achieves excellent results on all paints, removing sanding scratches, dust and other imperfections quickly and effectively, while also delivering improved handling and clean-up.
Ed Thacker, European applications engineering specialist at 3M, said: “Our previous product, the Perfect-It Fast Cut Plus compound by 3M, is among the world’s leading compounds, but it’s been available for 10 years now, so we wanted to come up with something even better. The challenge was to create a liquid abrasive that could cut even faster but without compromising on finish.

“Our team of experts spent around two years developing the Perfect-It Fast Cut Plus Extreme compound by 3M at our facilities in Atherstone, Warwickshire. The product has already been getting excellent feedback in other markets, from Australia and New Zealand to India and west European countries, so we’re excited to now be offering it in the UK and Ireland. We believe this represents a step change for bodyshops looking to deliver great results in faster times.”
To buy the Perfect-It Fast Cut Plus Extreme compound by 3M, contact your local distributor.