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IAM RoadSmart works alongside Continental at Vision Zero Live 2018

IAM RoadSmart has come together with Continental to support the tyre manufacturer’s campaign to make accidents a thing of the past during their Vision Zero Live roadshow.

The roadshow will take place from September and will feature in Ireland at Mondello Park on October 13-16.

In 2016, the number of road deaths increased by four per cent to 1,792. The number of people seriously injured in road traffic accidents also grew nine per cent to 24,101. Figures from the same report show 71 per cent of these accidents state driver/rider error as a contributory factor, further highlighting the importance of IAM RoadSmart and Continental’s partnership in raising road safety awareness, including the education of drivers.

Research shows the increasing number of risks that are leading to many of these accidents, including mobile phones, alcohol and a lack of experience. Many of these issues impact the lives of young drivers in particular, with road crashes being one of the biggest killers in the UK. Continental has been a pioneer in road safety for more than 140 years. Driver safety has been – and always will be at the heart of the German tyre manufacturers ethos.

As one of the biggest driver safety experts in the world, Continental has set itself an ambitious goal to be reached in three successive stages: Evolving from best in braking to zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents.  Continental will be working with IAM RoadSmart over coming months to engage road users at live experiential events.

These will see attendees take the driver seat across a range of driving modules at test track locations, With IAM leading a module that gives a first introductory session to advance driver training, observing driver habits and advising on improvements that can be made.

IAM RoadSmart offers a range of risk management and training services. The aim of the training is to encourage drivers and riders to improve their standard of driving and promoting improved road safety. Increasingly individuals and businesses are participating in the advanced driving courses on offer, including members of staff from Continental who are all offered the training as part of the company’s commitment to road safety.

Mark Griffiths, Communications and Automotive Partnership Manager, said: “Continental is delighted to be working with the Institute of Advanced Motorists. With road safety at the heart of what we stand for, and with tyres the only critical connection with the road it makes sense that our Vision Zero initiative works hand in hand with IAM RoadSmart and its own commitment to strive for increased driver training and improved road safety”

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart Director of Policy and Research, said “Road safety is a shared responsibility. We aim to stop unnecessary road deaths and accidents through the education and coaching of drivers. By working with Continental and supporting their commitment to Vision Zero, we continue the journey towards a road death and injury free world.”