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Hunter produces new and affordable alignment systems

The premium level of servicing offered by Hunter alignment systems has, until now, been considered by some as being out of reach. However, with the new Hunter PA200 range ‘Specials Deal’, workshops of all sizes and budgets can add Hunter wheel alignment servicing to their arsenal, giving them the scope to grow their business significantly.

With a number of models within the range available at a starting price of just €8,700, the Hunter PA200 systems are built to the same exacting standards as Hunter’s class leading and award-winning Elite TD systems.

As well as being robust, it is fast and accurate, meaning that you can enjoy similar efficiency and customer service benefits to larger workshops operating one of the most sophisticated systems. With ‘Hunter’ alignment being increasingly asked for by customers, the PA200 range allows workshops to capitalise and take advantage of a widely recognised brand.

The newly launched Hunter PA200 ACE makes superior Hunter level imaging alignment accessible to a broader range of workshops. This value premium aligner delivers some of the best of Hunter’s most popular aligner features at a price that’s almost half of its top-of-the-range system.

Small to medium sized workshops can now benefit from Hunter’s unique ‘One click fit’ Quick Grip high definition targets, making alignment checks as fast as 90 seconds, according to the company. The high-value system includes HunterNet, a new work management data software tool which not only makes results email friendly and accessible to reception, but can help develop business decisions strategy from the analytics available.

Users looking to develop their alignment servicing further or seeking a stepping stone approach to investment and growth can convert their PA200 ACE to a full Hunter Elite TD system with Pro-Align’s 24 month Guarantee of Upgradability.

The Hunter PA200 Plus is the family’s entry level imaging system, which delivers outstanding quality and imaging technology at a highly competitive price. Using Hunter’s patented high definition targets, the PA200 Plus allows workshops to deliver ‘live’, accurate 14 point alignment readings in as little as three minutes, Hunter says.

The entry level Hunter PA200 Lite is ideal for the most compact of workshop spaces or those with a very restricted budget. The conventional aligner system utilises Hunter’s proven DSP706 measuring heads which use the latest integrated microprocessors to measure alignment angles.
Unlike many conventional sensors, those supplied with the PA200 Lite allow users to carry out a short rolling compensation which makes the whole alignment measurement process quicker and easier than the traditional jacking compensation method.

The PA200 Lite produces clear customer friendly printouts which not only help you to sell the alignment job to customers, but also gives them peace of mind of a job well done.

So, if you’ve got big ambitions for a quality wheel alignment service in your workshop, but a limited budget to invest, the Hunter PA200 range and current ‘Special’ price deals is the answer you’re looking for.