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First Line’s wiper solution makes things clear

In terms of the driver, one of the most important road safety elements is the ability to see clearly in adverse weather conditions, which is why when a wiper motor fails, the replacement component should be of premium quality.

Amongst the various products available from First Line Ltd is a short range of direct replacement wiper motors, which come complete with all the necessary nuts and bolts to ensure a straightforward fitment.

The company’s two existing part numbers, FWM1000 and FWM1001, which fit several popular GM vehicles, including selected Corsa, Combo and Tigra TwinTop models and all Astra IV/G models from 1998>05, are now supplemented by four further additions.

Part numbers FWM1002/4/5/6 cater for Fiat Punto 188 between 1998>05, Renault Clio Grandtour III from 2005 onwards, Nissan Qashqai 1.6 and 2.0 dCi between 2005>14 and the Nissan Note E11 between 2006>14 respectively.

Qashqai Product Focus

On most cars, the most common cause of the wiper motor failure is because linkages wear, which leads to the ball joints popping off their sockets and brings the wiper blades to a complete stop. However, with this popular, first generation Nissan Qashqai there is another big problem to be aware of.

Reacting to the high demand for replacement motors (part number FWM1005), the First Line product team investigated the problem and discovered another oversight made during the design and specification of the vehicle at OE (original equipment) level, which results in the output shaft seizing, due to the build-up of rust.

This is caused because the output shaft is neither sealed or lubricated and due to its location, water is able to penetrate between the shaft and motor housing, which allows rust to accumulate. As the rust builds up, the motor is put under stress as it contends with the rising levels of friction on the shaft to keep the wipers moving, until the point when the increased load is drawing a current greater than 30amps, which is when the wiper motor’s fuse will blow.

In addition, should the water that has penetrated between the shaft and housing freeze or the wiper blades freeze to the windscreen and not freed before the wipers are switched on, the excessive load on the motor may also induce premature failure.

As would be expected from First Line, its wiper motors are supplied as a direct replacement, supplied complete with all the necessary nuts and bolts required for the correct installation.

The wiper motor offering dovetails neatly with the company’s comprehensive Borg & Beck wiper blade programme, which includes conventional, spoiler, hybrid, flat and rear blades, to provide motor factors and their workshop customers with the optimum wiping solution.

Each Borg & Beck blade in the 55-part number, five-style range is supplied with a complete selection of fitting adaptors to ensure the widest possible vehicle coverage. All are manufactured from 100% natural rubber and incorporate a graphite coating to deliver a smooth, streak-free and silent operation, while also providing the additional benefit of excellent longevity.

Naturally – in common with all products in the First Line portfolio – the wiper motor range is fully tested and approved for quality and reliability, plus they are covered by the company’s comprehensive 24-month/24,000 mile warranty.