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Felbermayr and Scania combine to reach new heights

Felbermayr, the international specialist in abnormal transport and lifting operations, is reaching further with the help of Scania.

The Austrian company uses the staggering Ruthmann Sky performance platform, mounted on a standard Scania five-axle P 450 truck, to obtain a working height of 90 metres and a lateral reach of up to 42 metres.

Felbermayr says that for these applications, special vehicles are commonly employed but the advantages of this combination are obvious: the Scania P 450 is a road-approved truck already so it does not need a separate approval process, and Scania offers European-wide vehicle services and support.

Thomas Daxelmüller, Head of Felbermayr Operations in Lanzendorf, Austria says, “We already have about 2,600 work platforms in our fleet, but we were still looking for a solution with a higher lateral reach. With the Ruthmann telescopic boom, it is not only possible to achieve better rigidity, but to also save weight.”

He adds, “This is the first time that a platform with a similar performance has been mounted on a vehicle with a 48-tonne maximum gross weight. With Scania, we have found the right partner as it is the only manufacturer of a five-axle chassis delivered directly from the factory.”

The company says that with its extraordinary reach, the truck-mounted platform has been used in various assignments over the past few weeks, ranging from maintenance and repair of wind turbines to servicing petrochemical plants.

Felbermayr driver Stephan Lux says that “the first impressions of the vehicle are absolutely positive, and the driving characteristics of the Scania P 450 are also great.”