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ELTA website brings clarity and choice

Online communication is now an intrinsic part of any business, but for one as varied and wide ranging as ELTA’s, it’s absolutely crucial. So, as it sets its sights on the future during this, the company’s 25th year, it is not just the new PRO brands it has introduced, there is also a new website.

Naturally, the site provides valuable information regarding the company’s foundation, but also gives visitors insight into its quality control processes, which ensure the products deliver the performance and durability required to stand up to the demands of the independent sector and the vehicles it serves. In addition, attention is brought to the fact that ELTA is an official data supplier to TecAlliance, through the market-leading TecDoc catalogue, as well as for MAM’s AutoCat + system.

Representing the full scope of the business is never easy when the company provides so many different propositions and the necessary support required to develop them. However, the new site – – provides a superb overview of the solutions the company provides for differing sectors of the aftermarket.

From its homepage, visitors can see the company’s core brands under the VisionPro, VX Pro, Lucas Electrical, Xevo and Qlux labels. These provide the independent aftermarket with a range of opportunities, each with their own unique benefits and able to deliver the necessary solution for a particular opportunity.

Drill down into the brands and the site opens up to yield the detail that’s required to satisfy even greater scrutiny as users can see the various product groups that are available. Each is introduced with a comprehensive overview, which further emphasizes not only the depth of range, but the obvious product knowledge that is inherent within the ELTA team.

However, should they just want to search for a particular product, irrespective of the brand, this is also possible through the product tab.

In addition to the brands and product groups aforementioned, the site also provides in depth information concerning the additional support services ELTA provides for both distributors and technical information for installers through its BrandAssist, StockAssist and Techassist packages.