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Driving vision – wipers that deliver

Although maybe not thought of as being at the forefront when it comes to evolutionary vehicle technology, along with lighting, the humble wiper blade is in fact one of the most crucial safety elements in terms of the motorist. Being able to see clearly in adverse weather conditions is a major contribution to road safety and with its VisionPro wiper blade programme, ELTA Automotive Ltd, provides the complete replacement solution for both factor and workshop.

As part of the company’s VisionPro – driving vision orientated – portfolio, the wiper range naturally encompasses conventional, flat and hybrid blades and therefore addresses the need from the trade to be able to offer their customers both a direct replacement or upgrade option. However, it also includes a comprehensive range of rear blades, which can often be the missing link in many wiper blade programmes.

Designed and engineered to deliver exceptional performance in all weather conditions, the VisionPro wiper range delivers the performance, reliability and durability demands of the motorist, as well as the application coverage and availability requirements of the trade.

In more detail, the conventional blades encompass standard, spoiler and wash-kit options, and feature a wiping edge with a high natural rubber content, combined with a synthetic additive to ensure long lasting performance. When it comes to its flat blades, which are engineered to a low-profile design and incorporate an aerodynamic spoiler to aid downforce, the wiping edge uses a premium quality graphite coated rubber, to ensure smooth and quiet operation. The hybrid range however combines the aerodynamic, reduced lift benefits of a flat blade with the even load distribution, wiping efficiency of a conventional.

With range and coverage in mind, ELTA’s VisionPro flat blades feature the innovative +FIT adaptor system, which on the one hand provides maximum compatibility from a relatively short range of part numbers, while one the other, makes the fitting process fast and straightforward. However, online fitting instructions are also available by simply scanning the useful QR code on the high quality and visually powerful product packaging.

As ELTA is a certified data provider to AutoCat+, Aldoc and TecAlliance (TecDoc), users of these systems will find accurate and up-to-date application information 24/7, wherever they are in the world, which provides them with further reassurance and added value benefits.