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Cromax introduces Imron Fleet Line Sanding Surfacers P742 and P746

Cromax, one of the three global refinish brands of Axalta, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings has introduced Imron Fleet Line HS Sanding Surfacers P742 and P746 to its portfolio.

Both 2K surfacers have been specifically formulated for large surfaces that need to be sanded and where a high-quality finish, like that on a passenger car, is required. The company says thanks to good overspray absorption, the surfacers deliver a smooth and durable surface ready for overcoating.

Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland, explains, “Imron Fleet Line HS Sanding Surfacers P742 and P746 provide the right undercoat for large surfaces, like luxury coaches and commercial vehicle cabs. The surfacers can be used on most primed substrates including glass fibre reinforced polyester or even old or original paintwork substrates that are well sanded and cleaned.”

Imron Fleet Line HS Sanding Surfacer P742 is Off White, and Imron Fleet Line HS Sanding Surfacer P746 is Dark Grey, making them an ideal undercoat for Imron Fleet Line 2K topcoats followed by any Imron Fleet Line clearcoat. The surfacers are also suitable for tinting with Imron Fleet Line PowerTints, up to a maximum 10 per cent by weight.

Cromax says that Imron Fleet Line HS Sanding Surfacers P742 and P746 can be mixed for a wide range of ambient temperatures and application windows and offer good paint flow and superior topcoat hold out.

For best results, they should be applied in two or three coats to get optimal coverage with an intermediate flash-off of five to 10 minutes and a final flash-off of 10 to 15 minutes.

Mixing ratios are available in the product mix table on ChromaWebTM – the comprehensive colour retrieval and product management cloud-based software from Cromax – and also detailed on the Technical Data Sheet.

Imron Fleet Line HS Sanding Surfacers P742 and P746 are available now and are supplied in packs of three 3.5 litre tins.