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Unmanned van revealed in China

A Chinese technology company has unveiled a miniature self-driving van, which it claims could transform the face of last-mile deliveries.

Suning Logistics, a subsidiary of Chinese business, Suning Holdings Group, has developed the ‘MicroCar’ unmanned cargo vehicle in conjunction with an automotive technology and software company, Apollo, that has already experimented with driverless public transport.

Luo Tong, Vice President of Suning Logistics, said the vehicle would benefit communities by being able to operate 24 hours a day, providing local instant delivery.

“The integration of Suning’s intelligent community with unmanned driving technology developed by Apollo has brought us closer to the success of fully automated driving technology,” said Tong. “It will benefit the public by making life easier.”

Sources say the MicroCar could go into production within the next 18 months.

Lu Junfeng, Vice President of Suning Logistics, added: “By combining smart community scenarios and advanced unmanned self-driving technology, we are now significantly closer to realising the commercialisation of fully autonomous, self-driving technology.”