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New driver support technology from Volvo Trucks

You’ve heard of reinventing the wheel, but how about the steering wheel?

That’s the aim of Volvo Trucks, which is introducing new technology into its HGVs in the form of Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS), which assists the steering systems of heavy trucks in a way that can be tailored to the driver’s preference.

VDS works in conjunction with other driver assistance systems, namely Stability Assist and Lane Keeping Assist, to help minimise the risk of accidents.

With Stability Assist, the system recognises when there’s a loss of traction and compensates by reacting to the driver’s steering wheel input. Should the driver steering into a skid, for example, the trucks electronics will react to this and help the vehicle recover traction based on the driver’s reaction.

Meanwhile, Lane Keeping Assist works to stop the truck ‘drifting’ out of lane on A-roads and motorways, while at the same time giving the driver an audible and physical alert (through vibrations in the steering wheel) that they are veering off course.

In addition, all drivers can set the steering weight and feedback to their required tastes – by applying their own personal setting, drivers can make the steering lighter or heavier based on their own preference in order to maximise their confidence and comfort.

“Better directional stability, easier manoeuvring and higher comfort have reduced the risk of road accidents and strain-related injuries,” said Carl Johan Almqvist, Traffic and Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks. “Now we are building further on our success with functions that help make the traffic environment even safer. These functions were developed to help drivers avoid some of the most common accident scenarios identified via our accident research programme.”