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Texa renews Diagnostic Coverage

Texa guarantees that its customers can always access the best diagnostic coverage for cars, trucks, bikes, agricultural and marine vehicles, thanks to its research and development teams located not only in Europe, but also in America and Asia.

To make sure repair professionals are always up to date with the latest developments, TEXA has renewed Diagnostic Coverage, the portal that allows accessing a complete database that is always updated with all the diagnostic possibilities: a tool that is now even more intuitive and complete, easy to use and with a wide range of new features.

The user to select the diagnostic environment through dedicated icons in the middle of the screen, and then the desired subcategory choosing from: IDC5, ADAS, TPMS, DASHBOARD, eTRUCK, and Cable Catalogue.

The access to the Diagnostic Coverage portal is free for everyone, just sign up with your e-mail and a password.
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