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SMPE launches new Fuel Vapour Valve range

Standard Motor Products Europe (SMPE), one of the UK’s largest independently owned automotive parts manufacturers and suppliers, has launched its new range of Fuel Vapour Valves to the aftermarket, exclusively available for various Ford applications.

The range has been introduced to meet growing customer demand, with coverage for both Ford passenger car and commercial vehicle applications including Mondeo, Focus, Transit and Kuga models.

A fuel vapour valve is an electrically heated glow plug that evaporates the diesel fuel, then injects it into the exhaust gas stream directly before the DPF. The fuel vapour valve incinerates particulate matter (PM) without oil dilution and requires no additional cooling, helping to improve fuel economy and CO2 emissions. It also enables more frequent DPF regeneration with low load conditions and when idling, allowing for an extended operating range.

The valve’s proprietary design works to virtually eliminate clogging over the lifetime of the product, providing good diesel fuel distribution and low backpressure. The part also benefits from minimised heat losses, resulting in fuel-efficient DPF regeneration due to heat generations close to the DPF, producing no secondary emissions. Fuel vapour valves also avoid oil dilution, along with the engine breakdowns and increased need for oil service that may result from them.

Compared to an injector, a fuel vapour valve requires less mixing length and no additional cooling, with easy installation and replacement for technicians. No special tools are required, just a possible bleed of the valve when refitted, with a fluid container to collect any excess diesel and an ammeter.

Richard Morley, SMPE Commercial Director, said: “With repair specialists nationwide estimating that around 80% of Ford DPF issues are linked directly to the failure of fuel vapour valves, SMPE seized the chance to ensure that these components are more readily available to the aftermarket, with a wide range of Ford applications.

“The range has been extremely popular with us experiencing high demand already, so with new stock now in, it presents an ideal sales opportunity for our customers.”

SMPE’s electronic catalogue enables customers to have access to the latest up-to-date information, available through the website’s catalogue or via their third-party e-cat providers who receive regular catalogue updates.