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ProVision innovates to maximise fleet managers’ peace of mind

ProVision, the creator of ‘CameraMatics’, has unveiled a unique addition to its CameraMatics platform; a new proactive email status alerts function that will flag any disruptions or malfunctions to a vehicle’s camera hardware and notify the fleet manager, giving them peace of mind and full visibility of any issues.

Simon Murray, Co-Founder of ProVision said, “You would be surprised how often we hear from fleet managers who were left without key footage because a fault has been unnoticed for days, weeks or even months. The problem is that any number of random issues can occur, such as cameras getting knocked off or damaged by flying debris, or fleet managers removing media and hard disks to download a large amount of footage, only to then reinsert it incorrectly, which causes the system to be unable to record footage. Most systems have no mechanism to inform the fleet manager that these issues are present and that is a major and pressing concern for them.

“This is a double-blow for fleet operators who have invested significant funds in a system, only to still be left without footage when they need it most.”

The ProVision Proactive Email Alerts System send out a nightly email if a fault is found.

Provision Mervyn O’Callaghan & Simon Murray

Mervyn O’Callaghan, CEO and Co-Founder of ProVision explains, “Each night, the software will audit every ProVision enabled vehicle in every fleet, sending fleet managers a simple email update, so they can quickly get a full status of each vehicle’s camera system before it gets on the road.  This way, any system failures or software issues can be caught in advance, giving operators peace of mind, knowing their fleet’s reporting functionality is fully operating.

“We looked at various approaches, such as using push notifications and SMS, but ultimately settled on the old faithful of email. Fleet managers told us that they didn’t want anything overly complicated that required them to add software or apps, and they wanted a single itemised message rather than many short notifications.”

The ProVision ‘CameraMatics’ system already provides a feature that no other vehicle camera systems offer. ProVision’s Cloud-Connected platform provides a ‘Hardware Status’ window in its web and smartphone app ‘Command Centre’. Thanks to this feature, the fleet manager can see at-a-glance that all hardware is fully operational, or that one or more faults have developed. The box is either green with ‘OK’ shown in bold letters, or red with a number that indicates how many devices are showing faults. A simple click on the red box then shows which vehicles need to be reviewed and what the error is on each one. 

ProVision has built up a range of services to support risk and compliance tracking, including its newly launched vehicle check and accident reporting app, giving additional and rapid support to fleet managers.

Mervyn O’Callaghan added: “We are an innovative and forward-thinking company, and we are working tirelessly to enhance our products and services. We continue to work closely with fleet managers running real fleets and dealing with real issues. It’s fantastic for us to be able to respond to their feedback and launch innovations which we know will make their jobs easier. Anything we can do help ensure each vehicle is minimising its risk, we will do.”