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Premium quality turbo hoses available from First Line

Turbocharging has been used for many years, primarily in sports cars and high-end luxury vehicles, however things have changed as manufacturers are heavily focused on meeting strict emissions targets. This has led to modern vehicles being produced with smaller engines that are turbocharged to offer the power when needed.

Turbo power isn’t as durable as natural aspiration, therefore the increasing demand for replacement turbos has naturally created a demand for turbo hoses as they are being constantly exposed to large changes in temperature and pressure, they are subject to abnormal levels of stress, meaning they will inevitably fail and need replacing.

Turbo hoses are also being replaced where premature failure of a turbo has occurred as a result of foreign object impact, as the whole system must be inspected to ensure no debris is present, as this could induce premature failure of the replacement unit.

The good news is that turbo hoses, which some repairers still consider as dealer only products, are readily available from First Line. With a leading range of over 700 premium quality references, providing factors and their workshop customers with an extremely comprehensive coverage of the global vehicle parc.

However, correctly identifying the turbo hose needed for the job can be challenging, as it can be difficult to explain which hose is required when ordering over the phone. To help overcome this, First Line has created technical layout drawings for every application, so that the correct hose can be pinpointed with ease. These can be seen when using their online WebCat, and are also available on MAM AutoCat and TecDoc. Therefore, no matter what the method of identification, technicians can quickly and easily source the correct turbo hose and, in turn, reduce the need to turn to the OE dealer.

First Line continues to be committed to providing customers with availability in a wide range of models and with this in mind, the company has introduced over 45 new-to-range (NTR) references in the last 12 months.

Amongst the notable inclusions are the turbo hoses to fit the Ford Focus MK II 1.8 between 2005-10 (FTH1567) and the Ford Transit Connect 1.8 between 2002-13 (FTH1551). The intake manifold hose for the VAG A4 1.6/2.0, A6 2.0, Passat 1.6/2.0 (FTH1123), has also been included.

To supplement the range, First Line also offers 20 premium quality hose clips available in both the 1000 series and the heavy duty 1100 series designations, to help technicians ensure they achieve the most secure and effective seal when installing the new hose.

First Line turbo hoses are manufactured to the same specifications as the original equipment (OE) part, so the material used in their construction is always consummate with the original item.

As they operate at increased air pressures, reinforcement fibres are added to the walls of the hoses during their construction. These fibres help maintain their strength and shape under these high-pressure conditions and are often polyester or aramid, dependent on the OE specification.

Safety and performance is pinnacle to First Line, therefore they work closely with its manufacturing partners to ensure the highest standards are met at all times. As part of the quality control, products are tested to guarantee that their performance levels are maintained during hostile operating environments. Backed-up with a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty against manufacturing defects, customers can have complete confidence and peace of mind in the quality of its range.