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New super-flexible funnel from Laser Tools

Motorcycle owners — you know the routine — remove the seat, remove the side panel, the gearbox filler cap is in there somewhere? Well if you can see it you can probably get to it with this flexible, narrow-necked funnel from Laser Tools.

Although the funnel was designed specifically to gain access to motorcycle gearbox oil fillers, it is so versatile that it can be used for any fluid filler that is tucked away and difficult to access, whether it is coolant or brake fluid.

Manufactured from chemical resistant polypropylene, the funnel features a cranked 240mm long spout that is flexible and narrow enough to get in, and under, anything that’s in the way. The handle lets you comfortably support the funnel as you pour in the fluid, and the cranked spout can be unscrewed to offer a straight funnel (145mm diameter, 135mm deep).

On motorcycles with gearbox oil and coolant fillers accessed from under the seat this funnel is the only one you need. It’s also particularly useful for modern cars and vans where the brake or clutch fluid reservoirs can be hidden away at the back of the engine bay.