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Hankook participates with Cheshire haulier’s 125th anniversary celebrations

UK road haulage specialist Allan Morris Transport is celebrating its 125th year in business with the 100th addition to their fleet – a limited edition Scania S500 which has just been delivered by Haydock Commercial Vehicles’ Deeside Trucks and comes complete with Hankook SmartFlex AH31 tyres to the all-steer and lift axles, and the Hankook SmartFlex DH31 fitment to all drive axles. Hankook have finished the look with Alcoa DuraBright EVO finish and Alcoa Brushed finish wheels.

The new S500 has been wrapped in celebration of the anniversary, and features the Hankook Tyre logo, along with service provider DMH as ‘suppliers of choice’. Steve Manuel, UK Technical Sales Manager at Hankook Tyre UK Ltd said “Allan Morris have been fitting Hankook tyres to their fleet since 2013, providing stability, traction and high mileage returns across all areas of the operation throughout the UK, and we are delighted to support them during their 125th year celebrations.”

Allan Morris was established in 1893 as a coal and agricultural contractor with a flatbed steam waggon and was one of the first transport companies to introduce moving floor trailers. Today, they are a truly modern, leading service provider, specialising in haulage, distribution and supply chain solutions.

“Allan Morris Transport Limited celebrates 125 years in road transport this year. We started with Horse and cart’s then moved to steam vehicles on solid tyres and to today where we operate the most up to date state of the art Scania trucks.” says Managing Director, Terry Axon.

“I joined the company a mere 32 years ago as a driver, in 1994 I moved into the office on the operational side of things and one of the first things we did to control costs was look into a PPK contract for our tyres. We operate two different sides of transport, one the nice up and down motorways and the other in and out of quarries on a very intensive job. Over the years we have had some of the well know manufacturers on contract, some have been ok but one at least did not take into account the nature of our quarry work and ended up having to fit different manufacturers tyres on those vehicles.”

“We moved to Hankook in 2013 on a three year contract renewed again in 2016 for another three years, it is not just about tyres and the price, your salesman has to understand what your particular needs are, you need a local and national service provider to back all this up as downtime can cost more than the cost of a tyre, luckily Hankook have all these in place and a variety of tyres that cover the whole range of our work. We have worked with Hankook / DMH for 5 years now and look forward to working together for the foreseeable future.”