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Double-jointed long-reach pliers from Laser Tools

If you have to get access to a hose clip, or other fixing buried deep in the engine bay, long-reach pliers can be very useful. But by their very nature the handles open a greater distance than the jaws. This can be very cumbersome, and for something like a large hose clip it means using both hands to grip the pliers.

This new range of double-jointed, long-reach pliers from Laser Tools solves the problem. The double-jointed range comprises long nose pliers (part number 6967); flat nose pliers (part number 6968) and a set of side cutters (part number 6969).

In a really tight location you just haven’t got the room to spread the handles wide — the compound joints allow access with much less handle movement and the jaws open the same distance as the handle — even a large hose clip can be gripped with one hand. And the useful 350mm length gives you that added reach.
They all feature flush rivets for strength and a thinner profile, and the handles are dipped plastic for extra grip.