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Schaeffler combines with Liqui Moly

Schaeffler (UK) and Liqui Moly combine to develop an additive that helps reduce timing chain wear by up to 20 per cent

Schaeffler (UK) has forged an exclusive partnership with oil and additive supplier, Liqui Moly, by offering an additive with every INA Timing Chain KIT.
To offer this exclusive protection, Schaeffler and Liqui Moly engineers worked closely together whilst developing ‘Chain Protect’, an additive which will, not only help the efficiency of the engine, but also help ensure the longevity of the timing chain and its associated components.

Tips for replacement
During the installation of an INA timing chain KIT, a technician should apply ‘Chain Protect’ to the timing chain and associated components to help create a robust layer on all ‘point of contact’ surfaces, resulting in smoother chain function and reduced friction.
The crucial element of any timing chain replacement is the ‘breaking-in’ phase, when the new chain beds itself in to the old engine system. Using ‘Chain Protect’ can help ease wear during this phase by up to 20 per cent.

It is not just the application of an additive that is essential; other steps must be taken to ensure that all components achieve their maximum possible service life, including the use of the correct specification vehicle manufacturer-approved oils.

INA Timing Chain KITs include all of the OE components required for a professional system replacement: timing chains, chain sprockets, hydraulic and mechanical chain tensioners, as well as tensioning and guide rails, the appropriate gaskets and all mounting parts.

Stay up-to-date
Technicians can discover more information on INA Timing Chain KITs or other Schaeffler products and systems by visitingthe REPXPERT portal at; they could even sign-up for the upcoming INA and FAG training course, which will be held at the REPXPERT Academy in Hereford on the February 21.

INA and FAG product specialist and familiar REPXPERT face, Tim Adams, will focus on timing systems, as well as front end auxiliary drive systems (FEAD) and wheel bearings.
Within the course, there will be interactive theory and discussions about how the various systems work, how they’ve evolved over the years and how technicians can adapt their skills accordingly. These will culminate in several practical sessions where the REPXPERT members can show what they’ve learned.

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