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Meyle adds 14 full-service solutions

Hamburg-based manufacturer Meyle has added another 14 Meyle full-service solutions consisting of the stabiliser assembly and coupling rods designed in superior Meyle‑HD quality.

For most of the new kits, Meyle is the only company to supply aftermarket customers. Outshining original designs, Meyle‑HD parts offer made-to-measure technical enhancements engineered to maximise part life and streamline workshop processes.

The Meyle full-service solution comes complete with the stabiliser assembly and coupling rods, all parts in Meyle‑HD quality, supplying repair professionals with an ideally matching set of aftermarket parts allowing them to replace defective components swiftly and easily. For added ease of installation, the stabiliser assembly comes ready to be installed and includes the mounts and, for most kits, also the retaining latches. But ease of installation is not the only engineering goal. The Hamburg-base manufacturing company is equally committed to delivering exceptional quality and durability. Most of the Meyle stabilisers feature rubber-to-metal bonds with vulcanised mounts making them extremely durable and less vulnerable to wear thanks to their premium-grade product finish.

Meyle stabiliser links are a manifestation of the Meyle‑HD principle. By refining individual properties, part durability is significantly increased: For example, using a larger and more robust ball head of 22 millimetres in diameter increases the surface area, resulting in reduced surface pressure given the same impact force, which in turn minimises part wear.

Meyle‑HD stabiliser link stability is further improved thanks to another design detail distinguishing the Meyle part: The ball pin snaps into a clip-on plastic socket made from wear-resistant polyoxymethylene plastic material (POM) which, thanks to its retaining latches, fits snugly into the steel housing. An additional snap ring is ultrasonically welded to the rear of the plastic socket. The result: Superior pull-out strength delivering increased durability and maximum operating safety. Relying on the advanced Meyle design, repair professionals can confidently offer an extended four-year guarantee distinguishing not only Meyle‑HD service solutions but all products of the Meyle‑HD range.

Meyle workshop advice: Rumbling and knocking noise in the suspension is a typical indicator of stabiliser and coupling rod wear. A defective stabiliser or coupling rod reduces driving safety and comfort and often does further damage to the suspension. Consequently, experts recommend that the coupling rods be replaced along with the stabiliser assembly.

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