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Turn your spanner into a power bar

Rusty, tight or seized nuts? To gain some extra leverage it can be tempting to use two spanners, hooking one over the end of the other — the two spanner trick. But that can be a dangerous idea, spanners are not shaped or designed to grip another spanner, and when they slip, the result can be heavily skinned knuckles, or worse! A much better idea is to use a proper spanner extension wrench like this new example from Laser Tools (part number 6745).

The extension wrench firmly grips the shaft of the spanner and thus extends the leverage and exerts a greater force on the fastener. And the useful 385mm length gives lots of leverage. It can also be used with hex keys, etc, and will loosen tight fasteners in hard to reach areas.

The extension wrench is manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and is fully polished and chrome plated for comfortable use.