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Top Part initiates road safety campaign

Top Part Motor Factor Group, is doing its bit for road safety by handing out hi-vis jackets to vulnerable pedestrians.

The road safety initiative came about when one of the company’s 32 delivery drivers, who cover more than 3 million kms annually, had a near fatal encounter with a pedestrian wearing dark clothes.

“Last December, on a dark Winters night, while driving home from work meeting a steady stream of lights coming against me, in a split second a person walking appeared in front of me, almost blacked out in dark clothes except for a face. I still shudder when I think about the incident and how near I came to a fatal tragedy. When I calmed a little I was going to drive on again when I suddenly thought I have to address this in some way. I thought about what I had in the my deliver van. I got out and walked back to the man and gave him my high visibility bib. “Do you realise I almost killed you?” I said. “Wear this and spare your family and some other unfortunate driver a lot of grief”.

“Having shared my experience with work colleagues, we have agreed that all delivery van drivers in future will carry a modest supply of high visibility bibs. In the event of passing a pedestrian that is not clearly visible in low light or at night, we may stop, present them with a bib and warn them of the danger they are in,” the driver said.