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Small changes – big difference


The engine has two timing chain systems fitted. The Upper (TCK194NG/TCK194LNG), driven by the injection pump and camshafts and the lower (TCK195NG/TCK195LNG) driven by the crankshaft. The engine was originally available with EURO IV emission compliance but has since been modified to comply with EURO V & VI standards. As a result of the modifications to achieve EURO V compliance, some of the timing chains and components have been modified.

To help identify the required components, there are clear engine number breaks highlighting the change from from EURO IV to EURO V. FAI has also provided some visual identifiers to show the differences.


With both the TCK194NG & TCK194LNG, the bulk of the components are the same with the exception of the injection pump sprocket that has been reduced in diameter to allow for a shorter timing chain on the TCK194LNG. The chain on TCK194NG has 122 links, while in TCK194LNG the chain has 120 links.


When it comes to the lower chain kit TCK195NG & TCK195LNG there are again two main identifiers – change in the design of one of the slipper pads (guide rails) and a change in diameter of the crank sprocket.
To ensure best fit, it is always recommended that manufacturers installation instructions are followed and the correct tools are used. Use of the correct grade and quantity of oil is essential to ensure the best performance out of the new timing chain kit.