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Mahle Original EG Turbochargers highlight OE competence and sales potential

Mahle Aftermarket’s new turbocharger range not only offers the most up-to-date part numbers for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, but is a perfect showcase for Mahle’s technology that brings top-class turbochargers to the automotive aftermarket.

Cutting-edge quality
To meet both endurance and efficiency requirements, Mahle demands an extremely tough environment for testing its turbochargers, so it has developed a new process that integrates its development expertise and high-level manufacturing precision.

The unrivalled quality of their castings and precise balancing make them unique, thanks to a combination of cutting-edge simulations, tough tests, and computer-controlled production.

Boosted benefits
Offering boost pressure control, Mahle’s Exhaust gas turbochargers deliver superb engine torque even at low engine speeds with a small exhaust gas mass flow (low-end torque), obtaining speeds in excess of 300,000 rpm with temperatures above 1,000°C. Boost pressure is regulated to prevent the exhaust gas turbocharger from overcharging the engine at higher engine speeds.

Aftermarket profit opportunity
The rising number of turbocharged vehicles also offers a high sales potential for the aftermarket.
Although the service life of a turbocharger is normally identical to that of an engine, defects may occur that require premature replacement, for example poor vehicle maintenance, inadequate lubrication, or excessive exhaust-gas temperatures.

Improved performance, lower emissions
Exhaust-gas turbochargers are a key technology to enhance performance, reduce fuel consumption, and lower exhaust emissions. With turbochargers now firmly recognised as an indispensable component to comply with stricter emissions limits, Mahle is committed to the introduction of new additions with greater vehicle parc coverage.

Comprehensive offering
The extensive Mahle Original Turbocharger range features various sized sets for technicians that includes a turbocharger, oil feed pipe, mounting and fitting kits.

For further information on Mahle Exhaust Gas Turbochargers, go to:

  • Mahle Original Turbochargers: Overview
  • Uncompromising original equipment quality
  • Original fitment on VW and BMW vehicles
  • Extensive technical support from our UK team
  • Two-year, unlimited mileage warranty
  • New factory units, supplied with comprehensive fitting kits
  • No surcharge or old units required