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Laser Tools launched flexi-head ratchet

Laser Tools has launched an innovative, super-slim, flexi-head ratchet, which facilitates technicians reaching those inaccessible fasteners, where a socket or driver bit just won’t work.

You can see the fastener but you know you can’t get a socket or driver bit onto it without dismantling half the engine? You need this new super-slim flexi-head ratchet from Laser Tools (part number 6744).

One end is a standard 1/4″ square drive and the other end is a 1/4″ bit driver; both are reversible and lockable. But the big advantage is the flexi-head design — both heads swivel through a full 180º at the press of the button and lock into the required position.

The fully polished ratchet handle is very slim and 300mm long for access to difficult areas, beautifully balanced and fitted with a smooth ratchet mechanism.

A professional solution for the busy workshop, and available now from your Laser Tools stockist at a typical price of £44.86 (price includes VAT). Remember to check for the best price and special offers.