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Optimizing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is key to maintaining productivity, ensuring workplace safety and delivering the best return on investment. For air tool users in industrial and vehicle servicing applications, a correctly installed and maintained air supply system is a major contributing factor to OEE – but one that can be easily overlooked or misunderstood.

“When it comes to air pressure, higher isn’t always better!” says Annabelle Bray, Chicago Pneumatic’s Global Product Marketing Manager – Accessories. “Actually, it is more important to maintain the right pressure and keep pressure drops to a minimum if you want to ensure high productivity and energy savings.”

To help users get the most out of their compressed air system, Annabelle and four other Chicago Pneumatic experts have pooled their knowledge to produce Is Your Air Tool Installation Right? – a new, free-to-download Expert Guide that contains clear and helpful information to enable users to achieve optimum performance and reliability.

Co-contributor Joel Draelants, Global Business Development Manager – Industrial for Chicago Pneumatic, explains: “Choosing the right tool for the job is only the first step in optimizing efficiency. A good air installation is essential for your tool to work properly, and for achieving global productivity of your working stations. Our new Guide is designed to present factual information and advice about the correct design, installation and maintenance of air systems in a way that our customers will find accessible.”

Packed with helpful diagrams and tips, Is Your Air Tool Installation Right? features a self-diagnostic in three easy steps to help air tool users check if their existing air tool accessories selection is correct, and to make sure that tools are working as expected. For ease of use, this checklist can be downloaded as a separate item from a link within the main Guide.

The Guide is arranged to educate and inform the reader. Taking each element of an air installation in turn, it provides an introduction to the basic principles of how a compressed air system works, a guide to buying the right compressor and a clear explanation of what accessories are either essential or desirable within an air installation. Detailed consideration is given to each system component and how it should be applied and maintained for optimum efficiency.

Throughout, Chicago Pneumatic experts offer their handy hints to help users ensure that their air system will deliver clean, regulated and lubricated air consistently and at the right pressure. Reflecting the company’s philosophy that safe working is integral to achieving optimum productivity, the Guide also has a section dedicated to their top 10 recommendations for avoiding damage to people or equipment when using compressed air.

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The first 100 people to download the new Expert Guide will be eligible to receive a free A1 wall poster illustrating a typical air system layout and the components involved. The poster also includes a graphical reminder to regularly check filters and lubrication. Printed in full color and totally pictoral in design, the Air System poster can be used as a universal training aid or displayed as a handy reminder.

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This is the third title in the Expert Corner Technical Guide series from Chicago Pneumatic. Previous topics include What Gives Power to Your Impact Wrench? and Five Benefits of Pneumatic Grinders and are available here:

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