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DENSO Wiper Blades paving the way for winter sales

With winter in full swing many motorists may believe they’ve adjusted to the darker evenings and icy roads, but at this time of years it’s more important than ever to ensure motorists are driving with high quality wiper blades, warns DENSO.

Following one of the coldest December’s on record, many motorists could be forgiven for thinking their car is past the worst of it. Damaged wipers from months of poor weather can easily go undiscovered by the average road-user.

It’s essential workshops are able to spot the signs of problematic wipers during vehicle servicing and offer high quality wiper blades as replacements. If workshops can effectively advise drivers, they can help contribute to the general safety of UK roads whilst offering customers an excellent service.


For the seasoned mechanic, the signs of poor or damaged wiper blades are easily identifiable. A streaky clean indicates that there is dirt on the wiper, or that is has been worn down, indicating a replacement is needed, while a stuttering wiper is another sign of blade degradation.

Wipers that leave dirt on the windshield aren’t safe, as they point to the wiper rubber having been degraded, and poor surface-hold whereby a wiper unevenly touches the windscreen suggests that the wiper may be bent out of shape and will need replacing.

Finding and fitting a replacement is as important as spotting the problem. Fixing a broken blade with one that won’t survive the next few months not only risks jeopardising a workshop’s reputation, it may also put road users in danger. As a vital piece of safety kit, the benefits of using more advanced and reliable Wiper Blades can help garner a reputation for excellent customer service whilst keeping drivers safe on the road.

DENSO’s flagship Hybrid Blades feature advanced technologies to produce high performing, aesthetic and unobtrusive wiper blades for motorists.

Finely balanced between reliability and high-performance, Hybrid blades feature a rigid graphite coated rubber blade to help deliver a smooth, non-streak clean, and an advanced vertebrae which supports superior surface-holding capabilities, ensuring a smooth wiper motion.”

Fatiha Laauich, Marketing Communications Manager for DENSO Sales UK, commented: “The new year doesn’t mean the winter period is over, and there is still a very real danger for motorists driving with poor quality or badly functioning wiper blades.’

“Proactive workshops that know what to look for in wiper blade replacement can make a real difference to road safety whilst also gaining new customers and fostering a reputation for excellent service at the same time.”

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